At Clendon we provide professional, architectural and planning services throughout the UK. We work with a large client base across a wide range of sectors, including residential, commercial and industrial. We are able to offer architectural and planning services for all scales of development. Within the commercial and industrial sectors we can offer a complete spectrum of services from commercial floor plans and retail development, to new industrial buildings.

Working with clients throughout the UK spanning the residential, commercial, industrial, and renewable sectors, Clendon Architecture has provided clients dedicated architectural and planning services since 2009. The firm’s range of expertise encompasses all scales of development, with services tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Within the industrial and commercial spheres, Clendon Architecture’s spectrum of design solutions includes retail development, commercial floor plans, and new buildings for industrial use. No project is too large or small: the firm is equally adept in all phases of process management, encompassing planning and architectural stages.

Experienced in building regulations and planning procedures, Clendon Architecture facilitates planning services through Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) members and Chartered Town Planners, as appropriate. This commitment to collaborative effort ensures informed and results-driven advice and support throughout the planning process.

With a core awareness that each client’s needs are distinct and unique, we have developed a range of packages to suit the full spectrum of projects undertaken.

Clendon Architecture is the ideal partner for any development project. We look forward to discussing the particulars of your preferred development, establishing concrete steps to help achieve the project expeditiously and cost-effectively.