Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy

Solar power presents an excellent way of generating green energy, while reducing energy bills and dependence on third-party energy providers. Another distinct benefit involves Feed-In-Tariff income, which is guaranteed by the government for 25 years. These solar power advantages are commonly accessed by individuals seeking return-on-investment, farm operations with outbuildings and barns, manufacturing enterprises, and commercial concerns.

Harvestable throughout the UK, wind energy is a scale-flexible source of renewable energy. Clendon Architecture offers independent consulting services that encompass planning and technical feasibility studies, as well as determination of grid-connection requirements. We are well positioned to recommend equipment manufacturers for your specific site, and advise on turbine type. This tailored approach is designed to ensure that you generate the maximum energy possible from your equipment and site.

With experience in all project scales, from commercial wind farms to single domestic wind turbines, Clendon Architecture maintains a chartered consulting staff with Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) accreditation. Our technical engineers have extensive field experience in undertaking detailed and accurate site appraisals, guiding optimal turbine placement.

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